Historical notes

The last of the Muggiasca who inhabited the property was John the Baptist, who then became the bishop of Como, to whom it is owed a large part of the furniture in neoclassical style and the small marble monument dedicated to Alessandro Volta, in the parkland, depicting an elegant funeral vase with the symbol of the electric battery.

Gian Battista Muggiasca appointed S. Anna Como Hospital as his sole heir, which immediately put the complex up for auction as it was requiring too many expenses.


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It was a certain Bonzarini engineer who then purchased it for Lire 250,000 on behalf of the Viceroy Ranieri of Hasburg, who made it the home for his wife Maria Elisabetta Savoia of Carignano and himself for a time, dedicating his efforts to the embellishment of the park passionately.

In 1865, the villa was bought by Madame Mousard, eccentric queen of the Parisienne parties, indicated by many as the favourite of King William of Holland, who probably donated it to her as a gift.

In 1871, Madame Mousard was forced to leave the house that was taken over by the Milanese Volpi Bassani family.

"..a place where time stands still to leave you breathless."

Martha Crosby